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After storage on the server, the files can be retrieved at any properly configured networked workstation. A dedicated file server is not required to receive scans. Configuring a precise Bates Stamp location if available 1. On the Parallel Port selections menu, press the selection line labeled Port Status. Enable the SNMP port.

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Select Close until the Tools tab screen is displayed. To set the Auto Clear Timer to a duration of up to seconds, perform the following steps. Click the Connectivity folder, then the Xerox workcentre 7335 Connections folder. Xerox workcentre 7335 a Configuration Report at the Device and perform these tasks: Click Apply and supply the administrator User Name and Password, if prompted.

To enable SMB at the Device, if required, follow the procedure below.

WorkCentre 7328/7335/7345/7346 Support & Drivers

xerox workcentre 7335 Note down the IP address or host name. Double click to open the [machine model. Creating a Mailbox and linking to a Job Flow Sheet for xerox workcentre 7335 processing Before you can link a job flow sheet to a mailbox, you need to create at least one mailbox for your use.

It is assumed that you purchased the Scanning option to enable Scanning to the Hard Drive with your Device.

After storage on the server, the files can be xerox workcentre 7335 at any properly configured networked workstation. Configuring Remote Authentication Zerox Login to Remote Accounts is enabled, users of the device will be asked to provide a user name and password to be validated by the designated authentication server.

Click the Defaults link. Domain Name Enter the fully qualified domain name here. Enable the SNMP port.

Ensure that a File Transfer Protocol FTP service is running on the fax server where images scanned by the machine will be stored. Referring to the report, verify that SMB is enabled.

To access Internet Services Settings at the Device Setting up a Xerox workcentre 7335 Template Pool Repository optional 1. To learn how to set up an individual Mailbox, refer to the Setting Up Mailboxes topics in the Scanning to the Device’s Hard Drive Mailboxes section of this guide, xerox workcentre 7335 follow the instructions supplied.

Setting Up Mailboxes at the Device Note: At the device, select [All Services].

Xerox WorkCentre 7335 System Administrator Manual

Page Gateway Address entry box. The following tables provide a summary of these managed services for each mode.

Configuring the E-mail Environment Note: Changing the Administrator Password There are two Administrator Passwords that control access to the Device’s feature settings. This step assures that print jobs from individual workstations will be recognized by the authentication system, rather than being unrecognized and deleted by the xerox workcentre 7335 device.

Configuring Network Authentication by A Remote Accounting Server xerox workcentre 7335, Enable Network Authentication Configuring Network Authentication by a Remote Accounting server Network authentication uses the user information managed on a remote Accounting server to manage authentication access to available machine services. Make sure to check the server communication Enabled box.

By default the Ethernet Port Configuration will be set to Auto.

From the File menu of your program, select Print to display the Print dialog. The Power Saver Settings hot link displays the xerox workcentre 7335 for low power mode and sleep mode.

With the Authentication Configuration web xeroxx still running, click Configure next to the server you wish to use for Authentication. Install and configure xerox workcentre 7335 Xerox-certified, third party fax server per the fax management software manufacturer’s instructions.

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Better Buys For Business. Troubleshooting General Troubleshooting Procedure 1.

Software for remote control print job submission.