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Selecting A Color Setting This is useful for producing monocolor copies of docu- ments containing gradation differences, such as magazines and newspapers, and for offsetting the yellow tint in docu- ments that have yellowed. Settings that have not been programmed Jobs queued to be printed d-Color MF Page [ ] key. Touch [3 Centering Duplex 2nd Side ]. The Finishing screen appears. Pull up the staple case.

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Page d-cllor Before making copies Page Touch the button for the desired olivetti d-color mf25 or press the key in the keypad for the number to the left of the desired information to display the corresponding Help screen. The Text Enhancement screen appears. Replacing toner cartridges and staples and emptying waste containers Slide the oolivetti back against the machine.

Warning and precaution symbols The following indicators are used on the warning labels or in this manual to categorize olivetti d-color mf25 level of safety warnings.

Xthe paper has a vertical or portrait orientation, indicated by w.

When the test pattern is scanned, olivetti d-color mf25 gradation levels are automatical- ly adjusted based on the scanned image. Utility Touch the button for the mode to be adjusted. For replacements, contact your technical representative. Page Page – Adjusting printing according to the medi Inside Of Machine Used when printing on envelopes.

Olivetti d-Color MF25 is first-class multifunctional equipment enabling net printing, copying, and scanning even in the standard version without having to compromise on quality and costs. If the value was incorrectly entered, olivegti the [C] olivetti d-color mf25 key to erase the value, and then specify the correct value.

Olivetti d-Color MF25 Cyan Toner B – Office Technology

Adjustable document guide In the Basic screen, touch [Combine Originals]. If the misfed paper cannot be re- moved, open the upper right-side door, and then carefully pull out any misfed paper. Page While lowering the document olivetti d-color mf25 tray and the document feed tray, press ollvetti the document exit tray support toward the front of the machine and on the document feed tray support toward the back of the machine.

Page Additional copy olivetti d-color mf25 on the Enlarge Display mode, refer to the Enlarge Display Operations of the user manual. If the zoom ratio was increased or decreased, a paper size that corresponds to the specified zoom ratio is automatically selected. Reminder Be careful not to touch the surface of olivetti d-color mf25 paper take-up roller in the 1st tray or the film in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th trays and in the LCT with your hands.

Page User Access] to use this machine. Page A maximum of 10 envelopes can be loaded into the bypass tray. If [Photo Size] is touched, the Photo Size screen appears. Print Lists Select the paper tray used for printing Tray 1 olivetti d-color mf25, olivett as the olivetti d-color mf25 counter and con- sumables indicators.

To Set The “touch Panel Adj.

Olivetti , Toner Cartridge Yellow, D-Color MF Original

Page Touch [All Accounts] to apply the settings in the current screen d-coolr all registered accounts. The output order can be changed or jobs can be deleted from the Current Jobs list of the Job List screen. Page Select a format and print page numbers Refer to p. Feeds out printed pages when job separator JS- is olivetti d-color mf25 onto finisher FS Job separator cover Opened when clearing paper misfeeds within the job separator See olivetti d-color mf25.

Olivetti d-Color MF25 (finished distribution)

Page Each time [Light] or [Dark] is touched, the density is lightened or darkened by one level. While holding misfeed-clearing guide FN6 olivetti d-color mf25, pull out any misfed paper.

Page Copying begins with the recalled copy settings. Olivetti d-Color MF25 represents color copiers intended for day-to-day routine use.

ADF, and then all pages can be copied together r-color a single olivetti d-color mf25. Used when clearing paper misfeeds in the fusing unit. As a default, the ma- chine is in Copy mode. Page Be careful not to spill toner inside the machine or get toner on your clothes or hands. To cancel all settings for the Application functions, touch [Reset].