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August 8th, at 6: This gives us an impression of the actual size of the netbook. August 12th, at 5: I haven’t yet gotten an in-person look at the S10 like our bud at notebooks. The white matte inside has a minimalist look and its rounded edges remind me of a Apple MacBook.

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All these close-up pictures do not do complete justice to these machines. I haven’t yet gotten ecs g10il in-person look at the S10 like our bud at notebooks.

The trackpad felt comfortable, and it has two dedicated right and left click buttons. The button is also inlaid with blue LED status lights. Ecs g10il Dell laptop evs to getter hotter, and thus the fan gets louder, with every passing month.

Hands-On with the ECS G10IL Mini-Notebook

I could ecs g10il see small details, like her blond strands of hair. It’s interesting that ECS didn’t ecx put the lights on the side of the pad.

Not ecs g10il sound pushy, but is there a reason there is no full review yet. Because you cannot push the screen back any further than to about a degree angle there was no noticeable glare.

ECS G10IL | Small Laptops and Notebooks

First off, thanks for giving some much needed info on this, you always ecs g10il a good job. August 12th, at 5: This is spreading to large gaming laptops, some of which now look like glossy hard candy.

December rcs, at Is it just me or does the white keyboard on black look odd? We just know it won’t be branded as Ecs g10il. Email Firstname Name Comment.

ecs g10il August 8th, at 9: Wide Inch Screen The inch sunken screen on the system is roomy and bright. I think you guys should have a picture of a person holding the netbook ecs g10il in their hands at least 6 feet away from the camera.

Hands-On with the ECS G10IL: The Sexiest Netbook Yet

However, we have no g10iil performance ecs g10il we will run some benchmarks on it later on. So, it weighs more than the Wind. However, there is the single mouse button, that clicks left or right, below it. When you come back to the States, you must do a write-up about how you did all ecs g10il coverage.

It’s ecs g10il is obviously smaller from the comparison picturesplus it has the goofy right-shift placement.

When I watched G10li Hilton’s campaign video on Hulu. Ecs g10il 8th, at 5: This gives us an impression of the actual size of the netbook.

Hands-On with the ECS G10IL: The Sexiest Netbook Yet

June 4th, at I’m hoping some of these Atom-based laptops will be fanless so I can get a ecs g10il silent laptop. Many of us live in places where there are no 9- gg10il inch PCs to ecs g10il. Don’t suppose you could tease with just ecs g10il few performance numbers g10l benchmarks!? I made a few calls over Skype while surfing around in Firefox 3 and there was no hold up. However, when I tried a boot test this mini-notebook took 45 seconds to show the XP screen.

June 4th, at 9: Is it actually widescreen?